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You will love our pediatric dentists in Spartanburg, Boiling Springs and Powdersville, SC.

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Enter our humble abode! At iGrin Pediatric Dentistry, every child gets a unique experience tailored to his or her needs. They love coming here to play video games or watch movies while getting their teeth cleaned. It doesn’t even feel like a dental visit – and that’s the way we like it!

“The office is absolutely gorgeous and their location is convenient to my kids’ school. I don’t have to get them out of school early anymore for dental appointments because the office is literally right there!” –
Tiffany P., Actual Patient

Our Dr. Kanas with a young boy and girl after their dental appointment

Fair warning: once your kiddos enter iGrin, they may never want to leave! Children love coming here to play video games or watch movies.

A group of kids smiling in our office
One of our team members playing with a young boy in out office
Our dental office in Powdersville, SC
One of our staff members playing with a young girl while she waits for her dental treatment
iGrin Cafe in our Powdersville office

We believe in the prevention of dental disease in children of all ages. Children with great smiles under our care are not only healthier but have higher self-esteem. You and our wonderful iGrin team will partner up to ensure your child’s oral and overall health are top-notch.

One of our team members with a brave young boy after his dental treatment
A young boy wearing a hat and red glasses and a woman wearing a huge red glasses while holding a baby

For those who are anxious about going to the pediatric dental office, we offer sedation dentistry. It’s completely safe.

“My children love the non-threatening environment at iGrin! The office is filled with games, movies, and a staff that always goes above and beyond for my kids. It’s more like taking your kids to a fun park than it is a dentist!”–
Jessie G., Actual Patient

Mural of a dolphin in our Powdersville office
Our kids waiting room
Our waiting room in Powdersville office