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Add a Little Humor to Your Life– iGrin Pediatric Dentistry :)

I love listening to our staff members laugh with patients at iGrin Pediatric Dentistry . Humor is such an important component to a happy life. Not only does it reduce stress and help you cope with difficult situations, it also improves your overall likability and charisma.

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  1. One way to improve your sense of humor is to get rid of perfectionism. Accept that life is messy and the things that can wrong often do go wrong. A person’s ability to laugh at themselves is one of the biggest assets they can have.
  2. Turn embarrassing or ridiculous moments into humorous memories to share instead of lingering on what went wrong
  3. Find common ground between you and a new friend and then share stories, laugh, and connect. Your day and your mood will drastically improve from these small, light-hearted conversations.

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