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Boiling Springs Dentist Shares Leadership Principles from Super Bowl

Leadership Lessons from the Best

If you were amazed by Lady Gaga, unimpressed by the commercials, shocked by the 4th quarter, and tired by Monday at 10AM— you watched the mishmash that was Super Bowl. In this unorthodox 2017, it may be the highest display of talent, perseverance, and most of all, leadership that we have seen yet. Boiling Springs dentist Dr. Ayers was watching the game too and had a brilliant conversation with one of the team members that turned into an excellent discourse of leadership and courage even in the field of dentistry.Boiling Springs dentist, Dr. Ayers was so impressed by the team member’s leadership reflections, he shared the idea for a leadership blog post. Here is what the two came up with. They discussed the reason the Patriots ended up coming back 25 points in only 6 minutes.

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#1 Cool HeadsBill Belichik, the head Patriot coach, said during half time, “Forget about our past mistakes. Play like it’s a new game. Stay calm and don’t let your emotions make decisions.”

If a high pressure/ tense situation arises with a patient, child, husband, friend, remember: “calm is contagious.” Your body language, tone, and volume can mean the difference between a relational “win” or “loss”. Lead by example. Lead with your head, not your emotions. At iGrin Pediatric Dentistry, Boiling Springs dentist, Dr. Greg Ayers has had many emergencies and even specializes in emergency dentistry. He must remain calm and allow his attitude to positively affect the concerned patients.

#2  Brotherly Team Work

Leaders understand the importance of the team. Each one of the Patriot players, coaches, and supporting managers went home Sunday night with a Super Bowl ring. There was no one team member who did not play a necessary role in their victory. Tom Brady leaned on his wide receiver as much as his linebacker as much as his operations manager on the sideline.

ProGrin teamwork is everything.  There is no star of the show here, and there is no one better than the other. If we want to leave work at night with fulfillment and accomplishment, we must learn to lean on each team member with as much dependency and respect as the 2017 Super Bowl champions showed to one another Sunday night. Your Boiling Springs dentist knows the importance of teamwork and perseverance to work towards a common goal.

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