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Learn to Talk to ANYONE– iGrin Dentistry

Whether you are an Ellen DeGeneres or a Dwight Schrute, you can always improve the art of conversation. At iGrin Dentistry, much of our job is talking to patients all day so have written up a few tips to help you improve your chances of successful conversations. Larry King, who has made his living speaking to people as a television talk show host, believes that asking questions is the secret of good conversation. He says:

“I’m curious about everything and I often ask my favorite question: “Why?” If a man tells me he and his family are moving to another city: “Why?” A woman is changing jobs: “Why?” Someone roots for the Mets: “Why?”… On my television show, I probably use this word more than any other. It’s the greatest question ever asked, and it always will be. And it is certainly the surest way of keeping a conversation lively and interesting.”
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The Best Conversation

The “why” question makes your peer feel important. The best conversation I heard between a staff member and patient at iGrin Dentistry was on the topic of gardening. Yes, gardening! Our assistant asked “How do you do… What do you think about doing it this way…?” I could hear the patient’s mood lift and excitement start to grow. I don’t even know if our assistant is a gardener, but she walked away with some good advice and, more importantly, a friend for life because she made him feel important and admired.

If you want to improve your relationships, begin with a curiosity to genuinely know the other person and find a subject that excites them. It is an opportunity to learn something new and also improves your fulfillment in relationships. 

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