iGrin Children’s Dentist: Each Patient Deserves Respect

Every Person is Worthy

At iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs SC, we talk about how each one of our person is worthy of our respect simply because they are created as a dignified human being. Don’t forget that you fall under that category too. You are worthy of deep admiration because God fully planned out your whole personhood long before you were born and created you with just the right qualities to be different from every other human being in the world, yet similar enough to be able to connect and contribute to your relationships. At iGrin Pediatric Dentistry we want to celebrate all of our differences and also give the patients the same respect that we would our own kids. iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs, SC values patients above all else.

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How Do We Deal with Insecurity?

The staff here at iGrin Pediatric Dentistry all have moments we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see. We don’t have to live in that mindset. We can embrace our features and personalities as beautiful and intentioned by a God who love us. Sometimes we need to reverse the golden rule and say: treat yourself like you want others to be treated.

iGrin Children’s Dentist

We treat your kid as if he or she were our only patient. This includes transparent communication and only proceeding treatment your child is comfortable with. No one delivers dental care better than the iGrin team! We believe in an extreme focus in preventative dentistry to solve dental issues before they become bigger (and expensive!) problems.




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