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Rainy Days + Social Distance – How to keep your child entertained

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2020 has already been a year to remember. You instantly became the teacher for your now “homeschooled” child. Trying to find activities for your child to do while social distancing can be a struggle but then add a week of rainy days in the mix, and it can become a struggle to keep your child entertained.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you and have come up with ten ideas on how to keep your child entertained while social distancing on rainy days.


  1. Become a professional baker. Okay, well, maybe not “professional,” but you can buy a pack of sugar cookies and make it a Christmas cookie celebration in March! We also have a great smoothie recipe that you can make.
  2. Do a fun science experiment. Whether it’s dragging out that old slime recipe that your children used to rave about or turning a penny green, your child will be learning all while having fun.
  3. Have a fashion show. You’ve been in sweat pants and t-shirts for weeks, and should this be a good time to ask when your child’s last bath was? So, why not play a little dress-up? Let your child raid your closet and have a fashion show with your clothes.
  4. Play Simon Says. Children love this game, and it brings out their competitive side. If you’ve forgotten the rules, you have to tell your children to do something like, “Touch your toes. Hop on one foot.” They can only move if you say, “Simon Says” before the phrase. If they move and you didn’t say, “Simon says,” then they are out for that round. Plus, this might be a good opportunity for your child to do that chore that they have yet to complete.
  5. Try salt painting. Salt painting is a nice twist on traditional watercolor painting and adds a cool 3D effect.
  6. Have a family movie night. Maybe you’ve seen Frozen a few more times than you can count, but lucky for you, some movie companies are streaming new movies online during this time. Find a new movie that no one has seen before and snuggle up with a blanket.
  7. Play a game of freeze dance. Turn up your child’s favorite soundtrack and show us your best dance moves. When the music stops, freeze right where you are. To make it more interesting, have the person pausing the music trade places with the person who looks the silliest when paused.
  8. Play balloon tennis. You can’t play with balls in the house, but what about balloons? Blow up some balloons and hit them back and forth, trying to keep them from touching the ground.
  9. Play I-Spy or 20 questions. These games don’t require you to have anything to play. Just come up with an object and have the other person try to guess.
  10. Craft a bird feeder. It may be raining now, but the sun and the birds will come out eventually. Use these easy instructions, and you will have pretty birds to look at in no time.


Hopefully, those were enough ideas to keep your child busy while it’s hard to get out of the house. If you decide to try any of these, send them to us on Facebook or Instagram, and we would love to share how you’re staying busy during this time!

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