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The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

the truth about the tooth fairy

If you grew up in America, chances are you have come into contact with the Tooth Fairy in your lifetime. Once a child loses their tooth, they put it under their pillow when they go to sleep, and the tooth fairy comes to take it and usually replaces it with coins or money! That’s the exciting part! But, how did this tradition start anyway? Sh, we’ve got a little inside scoop on the Tooth Fairy’s background!

Where It All Began

The story and tradition of the Tooth Fairy have been around for centuries. It has evolved into our now known sparkly, tiny, cute, and generous fairy that we know today. But, many other myths and traditions revolve around children losing their teeth.

One of our favorite traditions dates back to Middle Ages. Children’s teeth were highly valued, and warriors often wore them in Scandinavia. During the battle, these warriors would create necklaces out of their teeth and wear them for good luck. This tradition doesn’t actually involve a “fairy,” but we find it to be a fun fact!

Our Modern Tooth Fairy Tradition

The first time the tooth fairy was ever mentioned was in the Chicago Tribune under the “Household Hints” section.

In the article, the author, Lillian Brow, comes up with a great idea for children to place their teeth beneath their pillows at night. In return, the “tooth fairy” will come and leave a gift, such as coins.

This tip was for parents to get their children to pull loose baby teeth. The idea of a “fairy” makes it fun and interesting for children and helps them not be scared of loose teeth.

Today, this concept has spread across the United States through books, movies, television shows, and so much more!

Stay Prepared for the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is a fun way to talk to your children about their dental hygiene. It is important to talk to your children at an early age to help them understand how to keep up with their oral care and have a good relationship with our mythical friend!

Our pediatric dentists in Boiling Springs & Powdersville, SC love to make dental care fun for all of our patients. We have our own little version of the tooth fairies in all of our offices. Contact one of our offices today!



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