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Orthodontist in Powdersville, SC

Not only does our iGrin Pediatric Dentist office in Powdersville, SC have a great dentist, but she also does orthodontics!

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Traditional Braces

Once your child begins to grow into their permanent adult teeth, it is easy to tell if they are moving in the right direction or not. Braces help your child feel more confident and help your child’s teeth grow to be as healthy as possible.

Our pediatric dentist in Powdersville, SC does braces! Dr. Richards provides traditional braces to adjust your child’s bite or alignment. She also provides custom Vivera Retainers to protect the teeth from shifting and protect your financial investment!

Why it’s beneficial to have a specialty dentist put on your child’s braces:

Dr. Richards will diagnose your child’s comprehensive dental needs and will be familiar with any work that they may need before your child gets their braces. She will be able to make sure that everything is taken care of before proceeding.

Your child's first visit:

Your child’s teeth will first to the orthodontist in Powdersville, SC need to be examined to determine the right procedural protocol. Dr. Richards may ask questions to determine if there are any problems chewing or any jaw pain. These questions will help us to understand what exactly your child needs.

She may take x-rays to see the position of your child’s teeth and to see if there are any more permanent teeth that need to come in.

Dr. Richards will take a mold of your child’s mouth to see the position of all the teeth more clearly and create a treatment plan.

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