Your Child’s First Visit

Get information on what you can expect for your child’s first dental appointment and how you can prepare for it.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

Your child's first dental appointment is an important one.

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10 Tips To Help Your Child’s Visit Go Smoothly

How can you prepare your child’s first dental appointment without all the kicking and screaming? Our FREE tip sheet provides 10 ideas to help you avoid a dental disaster.

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Why is it Important to Take Your Child to the Dentist?

of children (2-5 years old) suffer from tooth decay
school hours are lost each year due to dental disease
Children’s dental diseasee is 5 times more common than asthma


When you set foot in one of our South Carolina locations, don’t expect any ordinary pediatric dental appointment. You and your kiddos can look forward to dental experience completely tailored to the needs and interests of your child! We’ve created a hip, cool environment filled with movies, games, and tons of smiles – your kiddo will never want to leave!

Our first visits are designed to educate you – the parent – on proper oral hygiene care for your child. Also, we’ll discuss habits, diet, dental health, and what to anticipate with your child’s dental development.

If you have an older child coming in for his/her first visit, the medical and dental history will be reviewed, a comprehensive exam and cleaning will be performed, and all findings will be discussed with you.

Need help preparing for your child's first dental visit?

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“My children love the non-threatening environment at iGrin! The office is filled with games, movies, and a staff who always goes above and beyond for my kids. It’s more like taking your kids to a fun park than it is a dentist!”


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We strive to make every visit a pleasant experience. However, we recognize some children and parents may have anxiety and encourage you to discuss any concerns with us. It is best not to over-prepare your child for the visit, and please refrain from using any words that could cause unnecessary fear, such as “shot” or “drill.” Lead the path to excellent oral health by setting a great first impression for your child.

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