Baby Root Canal

At iGrin Pediatric Dentistry, we believe in preserving natural teeth as long as possible and avoiding extractions whenever we can. One of the treatments that helps us preserve natural teeth is root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is an important treatment in helping children maintain a healthy smile. If your child is in need of a baby root canal in South Carolina, or a second opinion, schedule a visit with us today! Our team can examine your child’s smile and offer the best solutions for their dental needs. 

What is a Baby Root Canal?

When decay or infection is present in a tooth, it will continue to worsen until treated. The longer decay is left untreated, the further it will spread into the tooth. Once the infection has reached the pulp of the tooth, a baby root canal is needed to remove all decay and infection. By removing the areas that are threatening the tooth’s health, the tooth can then be cleaned, sealed and restored. A filling or dental crown can be used to restore the appearance and function to the tooth.

Reasons for a Baby Root Canal

When a cavity is deep enough to infect the tooth nerve, a baby root canal (also known as a pulpotomy) is needed to save the tooth. Without this treatment, the tooth may begin to experience severe pain as the infection spreads and an extraction may be required. A baby root canal is recommended to save your child from unnecessary dental pain down the road and preserve their natural tooth. It’s also recommended to keep baby teeth healthy so that infection doesn’t transfer to the adult teeth as they erupt. By properly caring for your child’s baby teeth, you can lay a healthy foundation for their future adult teeth. A baby root canal maintains the integrity and health of a baby tooth, gum tissue, and bone. 

Care You Can Count On

At iGrin Pediatric Dentistry, we focus on providing first-class dental care. We want every child to have the best possible experience no matter their dental needs. If your child is in need of a baby root canal, rest assured that we will go out of our way to ensure that your child is completely comfortable throughout the entire process. We offer several ways to keep your child’s mind distracted and keep them at ease throughout their dental visits. We strive to give each parent the peace of mind that their child is in trusted, gentle care during each and every visit.

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