Special Needs Dentistry

We truly care about the smile of each child in our community, no matter their needs. We welcome children with special needs to visit our office for their dental care. If your child has special needs, we’ll involve you as a parent in the entire process and ask for your input on the best ways to care for your child’s smile. We’ll learn what your child needs and how to provide the most comfortable setting for them to receive quality care. If you are searching for special needs dental care in South Carolina, we invite you to schedule a visit for your child today!

Trustworthy, Worthwhile Care

Our team has worked with many children who have special needs. We’re both trained and experienced in discovering what a child needs and helping them receive first-class dental care. No matter if you need to schedule a dental check-up or extensive treatment, our team will always offer the top-notch, comfortable care. Our team truly cares for every child and will involve parents throughout each visit so that you fully understand your child’s dental development and any needs they may have for improving their dental health. 

We’re Here for You & Your Child

We limit distractions as much as possible and provide a calming environment for your child to receive their dental care. We will help your child understand what to expect during each visit, so they aren’t handed any unexpected surprises. Children’s sedation is available to help your child completely relax and allow our team to properly care for your child’s smile. If your child needs dental sedation, our team can go over our sedation options and help you choose the best option for your child’s upcoming visit. 

Parents Matter to Us!

We want parents to be involved in the entire dental process during each of their child’s visits. From informing you of any concerns we have for your child’s smile to providing the tools you need to develop good habits at home, we are here for you every step of the way! If your child has special needs, we’ll work with you to learn their specific needs and provide the best environment for them to maintain a healthy smile. We welcome you to schedule a visit with your child and experience dentistry with a team who truly cares about your input and involvement in your child’s dental journey!


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