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Neighbors throughout South Carolina love coming to iGrin Pediatric Dentistry.

Why Choose Our South Carolina Pediatric Dentist?

Providing your children the best dental care available.

Parents and their kids come to us from many communities in South Carolina for their pediatric dentistry needs because they all have one goal in common: give their children the absolute best dental experience possible. We are happy to have formed part of the roots that will make the children in our community grown into strong, confident, and healthy adults.
iGrin South Carolina children's dentistry serves children's dentistry to many communities!

Parents and kiddos prefer iGrin.

We are located in Boiling Springs and Powdersville, South Carolina. But parents from all over South Carolina choose to bring their precious bundles-of-joy to iGrin Pediatric Dentistry because of our dedication to providing a good foundation of oral health and confidence for the future. These are some of the top communities we offer children’s dentistry to:
Do you live in one of these communities nearby? Check out our Kiddos iGrin Zone and ask your child if they would like to visit our office for a playdate/first encounter visit. Learn about our qualifications and philosophy of care that makes us different from a general dentist. When you’re ready, schedule a visit that neither of you will ever want to forget!

“The staff here is awesome. My grandson is normally afraid to go to the dentist but yesterday he acted like a pro. The dental hygienist was so gentle with him. She explained every step of his cleaning. Definitely a great choice for him.”


What South Carolina LOVES about iGrin Pediatric Dentistry

As parents ourselves, we know what it’s like to juggle family responsibilities, a career, and our personal lives every day. So, we seek to provide hassle-free and proactive oral health care for your kids (this gives you at least one thing less to worry about!). Our Boiling Springs office is in the hallway right next to our sister office, ProGrin Dental of Boiling Springs in case you want to have a little get-away dental visit of your own while your kids have a blast.
  • The iGrin Pediatric Dentistry sign in South Carolina
  • A family at iGrin children's dentistry dressed in costumes being silly
  • Introduce your kiddos to iGrin’s KIDDOS ZONE where everyone loves playing video games, coloring, and watch their favorite movies.
  • A dental bay in our South Carolina children's dentist office
  • The children's dental bay in our Spartanburg SC dental practice.
  • “The office is absolutely gorgeous and their location is convenient to my kids’ school. I don’t have to get them out of school early anymore for dental appointments because the office is literally right there!” –Tiffany P., Actual Mom
  • Ouf openbay dental treatment rooms for children's dental services in Boiling Springs, SC
  • Our staff with their kids goofy off in silly costumes
  • Several of our young patients at an outdoor festival wearing iGrin shirts
  • Karen with two youngsters being silly together at iGrin children's dentistry in South Carolina
  • For those who are a teeny-wee bit anxious about dentistry, we offer nitrous oxide (AKA happy gas or laughing gas). It’s 100% safe and wears off in a few minutes.
  • “My children love the non-threatening environment at iGrin! The office is filled with games, movies, and a staff that always goes above and beyond for my kids. It’s more like taking your kids to a fun park than it is a dentist!” – Jessie G., Actual Mom
  • A view of the back office of iGrin Pediatric Dentistry

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