Why Choose Us?

Simply put: We love kids and make dentistry fun! Our offices and services are tailored to your children’s needs and desires. As soon as your children enter our dental offices in Boiling Springs or Powdersville, they’ll never want to leave.

3 Reasons to Choose iGrin Pediatric Dentistry:

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Our goal is always to make your child’s experience a positive one, which is free of anxiety and fear while promoting oral health to last a lifetime!

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Your children will love playing video games and watching movies while getting their teeth cleaned. It won’t even feel like a dental visit!

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We’re all about making your life so much easier. That’s why we offer many conveniences, including our Boiling Springs location providing adult dentistry under the same roof.

A Dental Visit Your Kiddo Will Love

We stand out from other pediatric dentists in Powdersville, Spartanburg and Boiling Springs, SC by creating a cool, hip environment for children. No matter what stage of life your children are going through, they’ll never be embarrassed coming to iGrin Pediatric Dentistry. From video games to watching movies, they’ll leave their dental visits with big grins on their faces.

Parents even agree: “My children love the non-threatening environment at iGrin! The office is filled with games, movies, and a staff that always goes above and beyond for my kids. It’s more like taking your kids to a fun park than it is a dentist!” – From Jessie G., an actual patient

Excellence Starts With Prevention

We believe in the prevention, not just treatment, of dental diseases in children of all ages. Children with great smiles under our care are not only healthier but have a higher self-esteem. This is very important in any child’s life to help them grow and succeed. Having a greater focus on preventative care provides better opportunities for children to live a happy, healthy life.

Some of our preventative services include:

  • Thorough comprehensive exams

  • Hygiene cleanings

  • Safe, digital x-rays

  • Home care advice (flossing, brushing, rinsing)

  • Sealants

“My kids absolutely love iGrin Pediatric Dentistry! No. Seriously…they love going to the dentist! I know it sounds too good to be true but just take my word for it.”


Making Life Easier

Life is busy – we completely understand that! The iGrin team is here to make your life easier when it comes to dental care. We offer:

  • Adult dentistry in Boiling Springs: Not only do we provide children’s dentistry, but iGrin Pediatric Dentistry of Boiling Springs is conveniently located right next to ProGrin Dental, allowing us to provide children AND adult dentistry.

  • Dentistry when it’s urgent: We offer emergency dental care and accept Medicaid insurance.

  • Download our forms: Would you rather fill out paperwork in your own home? Download our forms right now!

  • Download our tip sheet: Is it time for your child’s first dental visit? Let us help! Download our top 10 tip sheet to help you prepare.

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